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New Digital Archive Infrastructure

Humboldt State University student intern Mario Alcaron is shown here working to digitize a collection of hand drawn maps that note historic land ownership throughout Humboldt County.

Mario is processing this collection of original maps using a large-format scanner and desktop computer that were purchased with grant funding presented to the Humboldt County Historical Society by Joe Leger on behalf of the Christine & Jalmer Berg Foundation.

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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or intern, would like to make a contribution to our archive, or would like to coordinate an event in support of our organization contact Jim at:


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If you would like more information about becoming a member, renewing your membership, or would like to see a specific local history text carried in our bookstore contact Deborah at:


Are you interested in gaining archival experience? Like us, do you enjoy spending time with historic materials and immersing yourself in local history? We have projects available for community members of all backgrounds and levels of expertise. 

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Are you going through Grandma's attic or a crawlspace in a historic building? Historic treasures are thrown away every day. Our archive is made up of materials discovered, collected, and salvaged by community members like you. We are here to protect & preserve historic materials related to Humboldt history and are working to ensure these resources are made available to the public. 

Financial Support

We are a private nonprofit, dependent upon memberships and donations. There are three types of tax-deductible donations (see below). All donations are acknowledged in the Humboldt Historian unless anonymity is requested. Please use the provided text box to let us know which fund you wish to donate to.

  • Spring Campaign 2019, which provides general funds for running the Society.

  • Memorial Donations are given in memory of a loved one. As well as the person’s name, if you would like to have their family notified of your gift, please enter the name of a family member and their address in the text box.

  • Digitization Fund. Digitization of our collection is an ongoing priority in our work. Not only does it make information more accessible to researchers, it backs up the original documents in case of accidental destruction.

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