Humboldt County Historical Society

Board of Directors

Volunteer & Weigh In

The Humboldt County Historical Society is managed and supported by a Board of Directors, which meets once a month to plan events, orchestrate fundraising efforts, and oversee other organizational operations. These board meetings are open to members. Any interested community member may apply to volunteer as a member of our board. 

Featured Board Member: Michael Berry


Native Eurekan Michael Berry has developed expert knowledge of Eureka's architectural history, first as a volunteer at the Barnum House and now as a member of our board. Mike's passion for local history and our unique collection of photographs inspired a new historic photo reproduction project, which has raised funding for photograph digitization efforts.  Find prints he has designed in our bookstore at the Barnum House and at The Works in Eureka's Old Town. Special edition prints are also available at various local events such as the Timber Heritage Association's Roundhouse Rendevous! 

Interested in learning more about how our organization operates? Read our organization's bylaws here: HCHS Bylaws

OFFICERS for the 2018 - 2019 TErm

President: Tom Mays
Vice President: Steve Lazar
Past President: Catherine Mace
Secretary: Alex Service
Treasurer: Don Tuttle


Jo Ann Bauer, Mike Berry, Brandy Clark, Susan Doniger, Karen Hendricks, Bob Libershal, Kyle Morgan, Charles Petty, and Renee Ross

Living Past Presidents

Arlene Hartin, Catherine Mace, Leonard McLaughlin, Robert Palmrose, Jack Nash, Armeda Reitzel, Bill Rich, Jerry Rohde, Marylee Rohde, James Roscoe, Merry Schellinger Phillips, Jeremiah Scott, Jr., Donald C. Tuttle, William Woodcock