Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Winter 2017

We begin this issue with an 1898 homesteading story by the late Naida Olsen Gipson, a longtime Historian contributor. Both her parents spent childhood years at Showers Pass, and Naida shared her mother’s family story in the Winter 2007 HH. Her mother’s father, Alexander Phillips, did not believe in having fun. No singing, no dancing, candy rarely. Quite the opposite from her father’s family, as you will see in “Good Neighbors at Showers Pass,” beginning on page 10.

What good fortune to have Ken Gipson, who was married to Naida Olsen Gipson, and survives her, also appearing in this Historian. A participant in the 1947 Humboldt-Del Norte County Track meet, Ken contributes to Jeremiah Scott’s update on that event. Also in this issue, Gary Stromberg shares the heroic life of James Theron McDaniel, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in WWII, and Deborah Baskette introduces the mining diary of Bertram Gates, who had the luck to pick up some golden nuggets of wisdom. Mark Backlund shares a more modern coming of age story, one which may resonate with many of us, in “It’s Got to be Rock & Roll Music.” Finally, Louella Parsnips shares the famous romance at the heart of a famous court case in 19th century Eureka, with Dickensian overtones. This mention of Dickens reminds one of feasting and fellowship, which is what we wish for you with this Wintertime issue of the Humboldt Historian.
— From the Editor

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Volume 65, No. 4

Good Neigbors at Showers Pass
Naida Olsen Gipson
The Olsen family brought a sense of expanded possibilities to life in the back county.

Update on the 1947 HDN All County Track Meet
Jeremiah Scott, Jr., with Gene Goselin and Ken Gipson
Two participants write in to share their memories of the meet and their fellow competitors.

James Theron McDaniel, Humboldt Hero
Gary Stromberg
Beginning as the youngest child in a hardworking sawmill family, Jim grew up to embrace epic challenges.

The Tale of the Two Colonial Duffs: You Didn’t Hear it from Me
Louella Parsnips
Romance, bromance, coincidence, and a court case.

It’s Got to be Rock & Roll Music
Mark Backlund
The author recalls the important feeling of connection he derived as part of the world-wide community of Rock and Roll fans, while experiencing some of the genre’s greatest artists right here in Humboldt County.

The Mining Diary of Bertrand A. Gate
Introduction and epilogue by Deborah Baskette
In 1896 a young man seeks gold in the Trinities with hopes of helping his family.