Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Winter 2016: Volume 64, No. 4

Anna Elizabeth Larson, PART III
Vivian Ziegler
Ever since Anna arrived in Arcata from Sweden in 1900 at age fifteen, she has been longing for her family and hoping at least one of her siblings will join her in Arcata. Finally, in 1912, her two sisters are coming, lured by the great RMS Titanic, on which they have booked their passage.

Ben's Day
Barbara Canepa Saul
For over fifty years, Ben Fleckenstein delivered groceries to Bayside. He loved his job and his customers, who returned the sentiment.

Jerry Rohde
A history of Stafford, from its obscure lumber mill days to its brief illumination at the millennium.

You Didn't Hear it From Me: Loggers' Day Off
Louella Parsnips
A photo journal of woodsmen as they entertain themselves at camp.

The Doctor's Name was Comfort
Jerrold Comfort
Remembering a genuine old time country doctor.

The Oldest Living Christmas Tree
James R. Garrison and Susan J. P. O'Hara
The world's tallest and oldest living Christmas tree inspired hope during the World War II years.

Anna Elizabeth (1885-1931) and Louis Larson (1868-1946) with their firstborn, Rudolph, circa 1906. Pictures were important, for both Anna’s and Louis’s families were in Sweden. Many family pictures passed between Sweden and Arcata, going both ways. In Part III of Anna Elizabeth Larson’s story, she marries Louis and settles in Bayside, where her life is shaken by the sinking of the Titanic.
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