Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Winter 2015: Volume 63, No. 4

From Sailor to Woodsman: A Biography of Walter Nelson
Anna Antonsen
Seafaring provided Walter Nelson with adventure, while work in a Humboldt logging camp provided the things that life at sea did not: good hearty meals and a good wage.

A History of Redway
Karen Campbell Hendricks
Colorful Redway, then and now.

James M. Meade: Helicopter Pioneer and Industry Innovator
Martin J. Pociask
A lively and exciting conversation with native Humboldter and helicopter pioneer Jim Meade of Fortuna.

Ronald V. Smith Remembers Deer Lick Springs
Paul Rasmussen Smith
Deer Lick Springs struck a chord with our readers. Recollections and a history from 1882.

Mary Ewing Getty Graham
Robert Titlow
The author remembers his relative and fifth-grade teacher, the magnanimous Miss Graham.

South Park: Race Tracks, Hotel, Auto Camp, Auto Court, and Motel
Jerry Rohde
The many faces of South Park from 1869 to 1920.

The Travel Log: America's First RV
Deborah Baskette
The conservationist and visionary Charles Kellogg rallied support for the redwoods in a unique way.

This painting of the Swedish barque Kronos belonged to Walter Nelson, a native of Sweden who settled in Eureka and raised a family. Like many Scandinavians who would make their homes in Humboldt, Walter Nelson began his working life as a young sailor and discovered California’s north coast on his travels. He spent about a decade at sea, traveling the globe, before taking up a life on land, in the woods of the West Coast. The Kronos was one of the many ships on which he sailed. Walter’s life story is presented herein by his daughter, Anna Antonsen. Anna, who inherited the painting of the Kronos, brought it in to be photographed for our cover. The writing at the bottom says, “Kronos [out of] Helsingborg.”
— On The Cover