Humboldt County Historical Society


Winter 2012: Volume 60, No. 4

Alexander Brizard’s 1872 certificate from the Society of California Pioneers is one of many historical treasures that came to the Historical Society recently from the Brizard Company. (Please see “New to the Collections” on page 5.) What you see here is only a small portion of the certificate, which measures about 22 by 28 inches and shows many extravagant scenes depicting California’s early history. The Brizard Company had the certificate professionally restored in 2003.
— On The Cover

The Great Flood
Bob Titlow
Many holiday travelers spent the Christmas of 1964 stranded on the Redwood Highway surrounded by floodwaters. Their stories, like so many from this disastrous event, are of strangers sharing all they can, and heroic rescues. This is one such story.

Burglaries at Brizard's - The Presence of the Past
Jerry Rohde
Greed, violent crimes, and revenge in the back country.

A Grandmother's Question; A Father's Wish
Thane Parton
The author shares the story of his great-grandparents, Thomas and Elmira Anderson, and their pioneer home on the HSU campus.

Growing Up Days in Crannell
Wilbur Shoup
Crannell was a very special place in which to grow up.

Arcata's Cannon
Bob Felter
Where did the Japanese-made weapon come from, and how did it happen to land in Arcata?

North Coast Aviator Les Pierce
Margaret Wooden
Excerpt from “Northcoast Aviators,” a new book edited by Marc Matteoli Adventures with Les Pierce, who founded the first commercial airline on the North Coast.

You Didn't Hear It From Me: Soused at Somes Bar
Louella Parsnips
The temptations of Mr. Samuel Doepke, storekeeper for A. Brizard.