Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Winter 2008: Volume 56, No. 4

Jerry Rohde
With the arrival of the Eel River & Eureka Railroad, Alton became a busy railroad junction, vital to the area's lumber, cattle, dairy, and fishing industries.

Miss Dog Tag
Naida Olsen Gipson
The last years and occupants of the old Humboldt County Court House are recalled by a former Miss Dog Tag.

Tripping the Light Fantastic
Suzanna Forsyth
Grand masquerades on the Humboldt frontier.

Clam Beach Inn
Charles “George” Taylor, as told to Gayle Karshner
Growing up at Clam Beach Inn provided just the right amount of adventure for a boy during the war years.

Crannell to Clam Beach: A Perfect Destination
Wes Walch
For the author, while growing up in the Hammond Lumber Company town of Crannell, Clam Beach was a favorite destination.

Eureka Was My University
Mel Lavine
A national-media journalist recalls his fledgling days as a young reporter in Humboldt County.

The l0th Battalion Band, circa 1892. This is one of several bands and orchestras that provided music for Humboldt County’s grand balls, held for holidays and for just about every occasion in the 19th century (see “Tripping the Light Fantastic” on page 24). The band is not really attached to a military battalion, but wears the military-inspired uniforms and hats common to bands of the era. These are men of various professions and most likely be­long to a fraternal organization. Note, too, that they are a young group, which HSU music professor Gil Cline tells us is typical for such bands, as the older men in fraternal organizations generally occupied a kind of higher echelon, and left music-playing to the younger set. The leader of the 10th Battalion Band is Professor McLaren, seated in the second row, far left. Like the use of “battalion” in the band’s name, the title of “professor” was a custom of the day, and self-bestowed. McLaren held a day job as proprietor of McLaren’s music store, a sponsor of masquerade balls. I0th Battalion Band members: Seated on floor by drum. from left: Charles 0.Wellock and Alfred McCarthy. Second row: Professor McLaren, J.H. Mercer, Robert Kellen, Jocko Johnson, R.M. Ring (printer), George Wing. Back row, standing: Harry Wombold (whiskers), W.B. Bailey (short), Au­gust Wunderlich (tall), Chas. E. Langford (short), unknown (tall), Fred Roberts (short), John H. Young (tall), Otha McDermott (short), and Ar­tlur McConnell.
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