Humboldt County Historical Society

The Humboldt Historian

Summer 2019: Volume 67, No.2

These Humboldt Brewing Company labels date from the mid-to-late 1910s. Closed in 1919, the brewery re-opened after Prohibition as the Humboldt Malt & Brewing Company and operated until 1940. Forty-seven years later a new Humboldt Brewery opened in Arcata. On opening day in 1987, all 2,400 gallons of the brewery’s stock was depleted. The brewery had to close for the next ten days until a new supply was ready. Labels from all three eras are printed in this issue. Michael Berry’s piece, “Mercantile Brewing in Humboldt County,” takes us from the county’s first breweries in the 1850s all the way to the breweries of our present day.
— On the Cover

Jerry Rhode
Life in the land of the largest redwoods—from forest to farm.

Mercantile Brewing in Humboldt County
Micheal Berry
A history of beer brands and breweries in Humboldt County from 1854 to the present day.

My Friend Joe
Betty Larraine East Spivey
Remembering a good friend, when a good friend was needed.

The Rutledge Brothers in WWI, Part 1
Gene Rutledge, with an introduction by Barbara Canepa Saul
Three of four Rutledge brothers were drafted during World War I. Gene Rutledge kept a diary of his experiences.

George W, Hopkins’ Last Hope 
Janet A. Hopkins
Near ruin, George W. Hopkins seeks a fresh start in Arcata.

The Little Gray Mare of Fickle Hill and Other Tales
Suzanne Forsyth
We are invited to pay a visit to the Carroll family on Fickle Hill with our guides Hap Waters and Vivian Ziegler.