Humboldt County Historical Society

HH - Summer 2013

Summer 2013: Volume 61, No. 2

The Emerald Opium Gang
Nan Abrams
How much trouble could an Arcata boy get into at the turn of the twentieth century?

Cornering the Corner Market - The Presence of the Past
Jerry Rohde
At Elk River Corners, the early-day traveler faced several lively choices.

Eureka and the Syracuse Streaker - History's Mysteries
Barry Evans
Archimedes' contributions to the name of our county seat.

The Shelter Cove Fire of 1959
Mary Ann Machi
A winter fire in the tiny summer resort community.

A Strong Friendship
Leo Chiantelli
Humboldt Bay and beyond with Leo and Len.

Humboldt's Russian Count: Was He, or Wasn't He? Your Didn't Hear It from Me
Louella Parsnips
In the 1890s, the presence of a Russian count enchanted the Humboldt Community.

A Short History of Upper Redwood Creek, Part II - 1967 to 2012
Frank "Cross Creek" Anderson
History and Revelry.

This postcard of a colorized photograph from about 1914 was actually printed in the 1960s to celebrate the olden days. It is titled: “Elegant antiquity ‘midst ancient splen­dor:” The “elegant antiquity” perhaps applies both to the couple’s fine touring car and their stylish traveling attire. The gentleman models his long duster, worn by both men and wom­en of the day to protect their clothes from the dusty roads. The “ancient splendor” is of course the beautiful redwood forest, whose splendors continue to awe and inspire.
— On The Cover