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Humboldt Historian

Spring 2018

Artist Donald Shepherd, whose work appears on the cover, enjoyed some early successes here in Humboldt before he ventured forth into the larger world for greater successes. We will venture forth, too, first around the United States with Don, and then across the Atlantic to Belgium and France with the Wheeler family. Peggy Wheeler, pictured above, shares the Wheeler family pilgrimage to WWI cemeteries, and to a WWI centennial commemorative event honoring American soldiers, including Keith Wheeler’s father, Harry, whose letter from the battlefield speaks to us across the century with, sadly, a still-timely hope.
Closer to home we will venture into the lawless backwoods of fin-de-siecle Southern Humboldt, where George E. White was the acknowledged dictator and Daniel T. Woodman the citizen avenger. Karen Campbell Hendricks tells the story.
By comparison, Arcata was fairly civilized in the early 1900s, an era when the Bull family was still prominent. Nan Abrams, who shared the life of Henrietta Heilbronner Galinger in the Spring 2015 HH, returns to this family to share the story of Henrietta’s daughter, Carrie Galinger Bull, and her son Francis Bull. A baseball enthusiast, Francis was also an agriculturalist, an interest which took him to South America.
Also aboard this continent-hopping Historian is Jack Nash, with baseball biographies for the 1940 Arcata-Samoa Baseball team, as is HCHS Collections Archivist James Garrison, remembering the Bull-Punchers of yore.

Let us begin our excursions near and far with this Springtime issue of the Humboldt Historian.
— From the Editor


Volume 65, No. 1

Donald Shepherd, Artist & Designer
Frances Shepherd-Shatz and Marvin Shepherd
The life story of Donald Shepherd (1930-2002), from his early life and artistic development in Humboldt County, to his distinguished professional life as an artist and designer with a national reputation.

World War I Pilgrimage to Belgium and France
Peggy Wheeler
The Wheeler family pay their respects at World War I cemeteries during the 2017 centennial commemoration events, which include an honoring of American servicemen that has great personal meaning for the Wheelers.

Frontier Justice and Daniel T. Woodman
Karen Campbell Hendricks
The man who took on the King Cattleman, George E. White.

What was a Bull-Puncher?
James R. Garrison
HCHS archivist James R. Garrison introduces “The Lay of the Last Bull-Puncher,” which recalls a onetime invaluable taskmaster in the Humboldt woods.

Francis Louis “Polly” Bull
Nan Abrams
Francis Bull’s sudden death as a young man would inspire his mother to donate property to build the Arcata Veterans Memorial Building.

The Arcata-Samoa Team: 1940 Winners of the County League
Jack Nash
A short baseball biography of each of the players is provided by Humboldt baseball historian Jack Nash.