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Humboldt Historian

Spring 2016

This Humboldt Historian opens with “Humboldt’s Uncivil War” by James R. Garrison. The 2014 winner of HSU’s Barnum Award, this piece is noteworthy in that it brings together the major forces at work during the Indian-white conflict which began with the arrival of white settlers in 1850 and continued through the 1860s. It grants the reader and researcher a comprehensive view of this era and an understanding of how and why this history unfolded as it did.
In the early 1900s two men devoted themselves to seeking out surviving Indian elders in Humboldt’s back country and recording their stories before they, too, were lost. See Jerry Rohde’s “The Story Catchers.”
From epic scale history we move to stories of individuals, beginning with Anna Elizabeth Larsson, a small human whose lessons in bravery began when she was an eleven-year-old in Sweden and was sent from home to work for her uncle. This no doubt prepared her somewhat for her next adventure, when, at age fifteen, she would travel across an ocean and a continent to Arcata, California.
Next, prepare to meet her male counterpart, A. B. Adams, who came alone from Australia to Eureka at age fourteen and made his own way, ultimately to the position of a beloved Justice of the Peace.
Finally, readers, do not miss our columnists Barry Evans and Louella Parsnips, for a refreshing hike to a mountaintop lookout, and a rather corseted courtroom drama.
— From the Editor

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Volume 64, No. 1

Humboldt's Uncivil War
James R. Garrison
The author brings together the major aspects of the long Indian-white conflict of 1850s and 1860s Humboldt, showing how each element affected the outcome.

Hiking Through History: History's Mysteries
Barry Evans
Join the author on a hike to Grasshopper Peak, with a stop at Johnson Camp.

The Story Catchers of Southern Humboldt
Jerry Rohde
Pliny Earle Goddard and C. Hart Merriam: called by fleeting voices of the past.

Steel Stay Stays Bullet: You Didn't Hear it From Me 
Louella Parsnips
The Lockhart case provided plenty of prattle for the chinwaggers.

The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood by Frederica Bowcutt
Jerry Rohde
A Book Review

Anna Elizabeth Larson
Vivian Ziegler
Anna Elizabeth began her working life at age eleven in her homeland of Sweden. For her next job, at age fifteen, she came all the way to Arcata.

Adolph Barry Adams
St Clair Adams
A. B. Adams sailed from Australia to Eureka at age fourteen. He would become Justice of the Peace during Prohibition.