Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Spring 2011: Volume 59, No. 1

This cheerful painting of the longtime Humboldt Bay ferry Antelope II was made by the late Edward Henley. He donated a photograph of the painting to the Historical Society in Octoberof2003. On the back of the photograph, he writes: “The Coggeshall Launch & Tow Company Stern Wheeler Ferry Boat Antelope, as I remember it from my boyhood days in the 1930s.” Many Humboldters will remember the Antelope, which plied the bay waters for almost half a century. Bill Hilfiker remembers her well: he writes about the Antelope and many other longtime Humboldt enterprises in his article “Early Humboldt Companies,” beginning on page 26 of this issue.
— On The Cover

A Distant Horizon Called Home, Part II
Suzanne Forsyth
In our last issue, the Munchheimer family story took us from Nazi Germany to Africa to Jamaica. This issue it brings us to the United States and, ultimately, to Rio Dell.

Eureka High School's Albee Stadium
Jeremiah Scott, Jr.
Humboldt’s first modern stadium and the man who built it.

Baseball Memories
Lola Lawson
The author’s father, Bill Hull, hoped for something even more than camaraderie and fresh air.

The Presence of Past: Six Stellar Book Sellers
Jerry Rohde
This tribute to a vanishing breed, the old-fashioned bookseller, includes a treasure hunt and a cliffhanger.

Early Humboldt Companies
William (Bill) Hilfiker
A tour of early enterprises, from foundries to blacksmiths to ferryboats and more.

Eureka Retail, 1930s
Nancy McLaughlin
Once the dreaded Loleta Horseshoe is conquered, mother and daughters embark on a new era of shopping trips to Eureka.

The Crannell Gang
Naida Olsen Gipson
The gang’s good-natured shenanigans generally had something to do with cars.