Humboldt County Historical Society

The Humboldt Historian

Fall 2018: Volume 66, No.3

The cover image from a 1911 issue of “The Californian,” a newspaper published in Eureka for at least 16 years around the turn of the nineteenth century, boosts Eureka as “The City of Opportunity.” A romanticized depiction of an Indian, unlike but meant to represent local Native Peoples, looks on, no doubt watching the sun on the horizon setting. At the time of this image’s publication, local indigenous peoples had been decimated by 94%.

HCHS board member Michael Berry discovered this special color edition at the Humboldt County Library and digitally restored much of its original character.
— On the Cover

Cleaning Humboldt: Bertain’s Laundry, 1906-1992
James Pegolotti
The Bertain family finds a home and a purpose in Humboldt County

Arrival of the Fifth Larson
Vivian Larson Ziegler
The Larson family had seemed complete with two boys and two girls, but it wasn’t quite

Layers of Coercion: Interned Japanese American Draft Resisters During World War II
Jack Bareilles
After being imprisoned in concentration camps by their own government, young Japanese American men were drafted. Some resisted and were put on trial. One of those trials took place in Eureka

Growing up in Beatrice
Oscar J Johanson
Making a home, running a shingle mill, and keeping a school open in a small immigrant community

Restoration of Historic St. Bernard Church
Marc Matteoli
In the wake of tragedy St. Bernard parishioners pull together to complete a major restoration

With this Rolling Pen I Claim My Destiny & The Point of Jell-O Salad
Isabelle and Elsa du Moulin
Thanksgiving on Humboldt Hill