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Fall 2016

You are fifteen years old, you’ve traveled from Sweden to Arcata to take a job as a maid. From your earnings you must repay the debt you’ve incurred for the long trip, and send money home to your family in Sweden. How do you fare in your daily life? Anna Elizabeth Larsson has the answers to these questions and more in our opening story.
Another young woman, Zipporah Patrick, came to Humboldt by wagon train, meeting on the way, and soon marrying, Joseph Russ. Though she would become one of the earliest major landholders in Humboldt, she began her early married life in the back country during the Indian Wars. Her story begins on page 20. Readers, now that you know something of Zipporah’s life, you may wish to attend a celebration of the 150th birthday of her eventual Ferndale home, Fern Cottage, taking place September 16-18, and presented by the Fern Cottage Foundation. Details on page 9.
Loni Hollenbeck is back with another romantic tale from the front lines of really hard work. The task: dismantling a water tank. Join Loni for the adventure on page 28.
Then hit the road with Karen Campbell Hendricks, where a new postwar travel amenity is blooming across the land: the auto camp. Don’t miss a night in Eureka’s “veritable fairy bower.” Also, join Jerry Scott in paying tribute to master bridge builder Lowell Allen, and join Barry Evans for a leaping cross-county ramble: a trip to Six Rivers National Forest.
And now for a surprise: we are introducing a new feature, suggested by reader Jud Ellinwood. A map, with all the locations mentioned in this issue of the Historian added on, with page numbers, appears on our back cover. If you encounter an unfamiliar place name, chances are you will find it on the map.
— From the Editor

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Volume 64, No. 3

Anna Elizabeth Larson, Part II  
Vivian Ziegler
As the author continues her mother's life story, fifteen-year-old Anna Elizabeth Larson travels from her home in Sweden to Arcata to work as a maid. Her family in Sweden believes she will soon be rich.

The Lowell C. Allen Memorial Bridge
Jeremiah Scott, Jr.
A bridge is dedicated to a longtime bridge builder.

Zipporah Russ and the Journey to Fern Cottage
Donald Morrill
For most of the first twelve years of her married life, Zipporah Russ lived in the back country on a slope above a tributary of the Bear River, often alone with her children. Then came Fern Cottage.

The Water Tank: Dismantling a Landmark
Loni D. Hollenbeck
"The great thing was, I knew it so well. The problem was . . . I knew it so well."

Six Rivers National Forest: The Name Nobody Will go to War Over
Barry Evans
Naming Humboldt's back-country.

South Park: Race Tracks, Hotel, Auto Camp, Auto Court, and Motel
Jerry Rohde
The many faces of South Park from 1869 to 1920.

Eureka Auto Courts
Karen Campbell Hendricks
The The motorized era in full flower.