Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Fall 2015: Volume 63, No. 3

Humboldt Major Leaguer: Joe Oeshger
James Pegolotti
A life of Joe Oeschger of Ferndale and a front-row seat at the longest baseball game in major league history.

Deer Lick Springs: A Popular Spa
Vivian Ziegler
Woodsmen and longshoremen”and at least one young woman”came for healing soaks in the potent waters at Deer Lick.

Hash Family All Stars
Suzanne Forsythe
Dave Hash brought in a photo for our collections and shared stories about his father, Ed Hash, and the all-in-one-family baseball team, the Hash Family All Stars.

Harold Otto Hilfiker: Humboldt's Premier Pipe Maker
William Kent and Bill Hilfiker, Sr.
Harold Hilfiker expanded and modernized the Pipe Company, founded by his father in 1902, and now owned and operated by a fourth generation of Hilfikers.

History's Mysteries: The Case of the "Huge Meteorite"
Barry Evans
Something noteworthy plunged into the bay eighty-five years ago, but what exactly was it?

Raymond Stenback: From Trench Warfare to Teaching
Paul Rasmussen Smith
Raymond Stenback survived the World War I trenches to become a much-loved teacher at Fortuna High School.

The cover photo, courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, shows Ferndale native Joe Oeschger on the mound for the Philadelphia Phillies, circa 1915. Oeschger achieved nationwide fame on the evening of May 1, 1920, when he pitched the longest game in major league history: twenty-six innings. The opposing pitcher was Leon Cadore. The game was finally called because of darkness, with a final score of 1-1. James Pegolotti presents a life of Joe Oeschger, and the details of the longest baseball game, with play-by-plays by its two pitchers, Oeschger and Cadore, on page 10.
— On The Cover