Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Fall 2014: Volume 62, No. 3

Fire in the Mountain: The Beginning of the End of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Part I
Sean Mitchell
The NWPRR, once the economic lifeline to Humboldt County, opened one hundred years ago this October.

"Little Fawn": Dorothy Allen Gaby and the Indian Marathon of 1927
Wooden, with Adrian Gilkisen
Dorothy Allen of Orleans finds herself pronounced “Indian Princess of the Redwood Highway”and embarks on an unexpected adventure.

Loleta: A History
Jerry Rohde
A history of Loleta, adapted from Jerry Rohde’s new book, Both Sides of the Bluff: History of Humboldt County Places: 1.

History's Mysteries: The (Ongoing) Tragedy of Tanoaks
Barry Evans
The tanoak, once harvested to near-extinction on the West Coast, faces a new peril today.

You Didn't Hear it from Me: Switches in the Schoolhouse
Louella Parsnips
Old-time disciplinary method backfires.

My Father the Senator
Irwin Thomas Quinn, Jr.
The author’s father, born at Table Bluff, represented Humboldt County as State Senator, District 3, from 1936 to 1948.

Our cover celebrates the publication of Jerry Rohde’s new book, Both Sides of the Bluff: History of Humboldt County Places: 1. Jim McVicker’s 2001-2002 painting, “Twilight” (oil on linen, 48” x 60”), graces the cover of the new book and also our Historian cover. Nationally recognized artist Jim McVicker has lived and painted in Humboldt County since 1977. Visit his website to see more of his work: . The painting presents a view of Table Bluff and the lower Eel River valley. “Both Sides of the Bluff” is a place-by-place history of this region. A color image of the book in its actual 8 ½” x ll” size appears on our back cover. The book cover was designed by Holly Harvey.
— On The Cover