Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Fall 2013: Volume 61, No. 3

Humboldt State College, 1950-1954
Gerald Beck
Dragged to college against his will, the author thrived at Humboldt State, where he went onto teach for twenty-five years.

You Didn't Hear it From Me: Foiled Theft of the Normal School
Louella Parsnips
As Humboldt State University celebrates its 100th anniversary, let us look back at its origins.

She Left Her Heart in San Francisco
Suzanne Forsyth
Remembering Claramae Turner, great American contralto, and former Eurekan.

The Mystery of Rainbow Ranch
Karen Hendricks
In this compelling tale, honest citizens are run off their land.

History's Mysteries: The la Grange Mine
Barry Evans
How seven tons of gold destroyed a mountain and ruined a river.

My Ghost
Diane Pialorsi
The author seeks help in finding someone special to her, someone she knows thus far only as an apparition.

Pauline Pegolotti: From the Italian Alps to Ferndale
James Pegolotti
A young woman discovers her calling in the New World.

Female students pose in front of a sign for Humboldt State College during a Campus Work Day. This photograph, from the HSU collections, is undated, but the girls’ winsome work outfits and hairstyles suggest the 1940s. The Campus Work Day observance began in 1925 and quickly became a popular and useful activity. With classes called off, all students and faculty spent the day cleaning campus buildings and grounds. At nightfall, work gave way to a party and dance, a tradition that lasted until 1956.
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