Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Fall 2011: Volume 59, No. 3

Northwest Indian Cemetery Protection Association
Tony Platt
A local organization’s contributions to the national struggle for Native American rights.

A Family of "Pitchers"
James Pegolotti
What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out, when it comes to the Pegolotti family tree. Here’s the pitch.

The Presence of Past: The West Side Road
Jerry Rohde
Join the author for an illustrated drive from Grizzly Bluff to Camp Grant, along the winding West Side Road.

Rowena Celeste Ammer: Early Life and Times
Rowena Celeste Ammer Minor
Growing up in Shively had all the elements of a romantic idyll for one young resident.

Naida's Humboldt
Suzanne Forsythe
Remembering one of the Humboldt Historian’s most beloved writers, Naida Olsen Gipson.

"Powder Monkeys"
Weston Walch
Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!

This postcard of the beguiling Monument Creek Bridge is one of several postcards featured in Jerry Rohde’s column, “The Presence of the Past,” to illustrate the early-day West Side Road. Please see page 22.These postcards, Jerry informs us, are from several local collections. The Humboldt County Historical Society has numerous postcards mingled in promiscuously with its photograph collection, but a little deltiological delving will soon divulge their locations. Similarly, the photo collection of the Natural Resources Division of the Humboldt County Public Works Department contains postcards (or versions thereof) collected by Don Tuttle during his tenure there. Distinguished deltiologists Jack Irvine and SteveLazar have both generously shared their extensive postcard collections with the author, allowing not only for the use of images for this article but also for PowerPoint presentations. Author Jerry Rohde’s own collection provided the front cover image and also the map excerpt on the back cover. The map in question is the 1911 Denny that was described in last issue’s “Presence of the Past.”
— On The Cover