Humboldt County Historical Society

Humboldt Historian

Fall 2007: Volume 55, No. 3

The Bear that Came to Lunch
Introduction by Deborah Meador, Story by Hazel Cargill
What does a bear do in the woods at Hammond Camp 28?

Humboldt State College: Memories of the World War Two Years
Gayle Karshner
When young Humboldt State professors left for World War II, in many cases their wives stepped in to take over their classes until they returned. The author was one such wife. Her story gives a vivid picture of life in Arcata and at HSC during a time of great change and separation from loved ones.

War Brides in Eureka
Naida Olsen Gipson
At the end of World War Two, many Humboldt servicemen brought back wives from Europe. This is the story of several of these war brides, from their meetings with their future husbands, to their often harrowing voyages to America, and their new lives in Eureka.

The Centerville Duck Club
Ted Trichilo
For a quarter of a century, the Centerville Duck Club was a place of sport and camaraderie.

Humboldt Staters in Hawaii during World War II (see “HSC: Memories of the World War Two Years,” by Gayle Karshner on page 10). Back row: Jack Pearsall, Don Karshner, Charles “Jim” Roscoe. Front row: Merritt Neal, Bob Oliveira. Many troops passed through Hawaii, a staging area for the Pacific theater of operations. On this occasion, five Humboldters enjoy a brief reunion. HSC speech and drama professor Don Karshner, center back, entered the Seabees as a carpenter’s mate, second class. Ever graced—or cursed, Don might have said—with boyish looks, Don appears the youngest of this group. In fact, he is thirty-three years of age and is surrounded by his nineteen and twenty-year-old students, who, as officers, all outrank him. The men are standing in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, where servicemen were billeted during the war, and where one and all hung their skivvies out to dry on the balconies. After the war, Jack Pearsall became a rancher and alfalfa farmer in Scott Valley; Don Karshner continued to teach and later serve as Dean of Students at HSU for thirty-six years; Jim Roscoe became an engineer and founded the Engineering Department, and later the Environmental Engineering Department at HSU; Merritt Neal became a civil engineer and helped develop the city of Pittsburgh. And Bob Oliveira was an excellent musician and singer. After graduating from college, Oliveira lived in France where he formed a choir and rescued and revived many about-to-be-lost Gregorian Chants.
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