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Life in Humboldt During World War I

Little has been written on the subject of WWI in Humboldt County, perhaps because so many other significant events served to overshadow The Great War and its impact, including Prohibition, The Great Depression, and WWII.

Not all expressions of patriotism were positive. Humboldt County Jail booking registers list German Americans who were arrested and imprisoned for Sedition as a wave of anti-German sentiment crashed across the country. No fewer than six people were tarred and feathered (or saw-dusted at Hammond’s mill at Samoa) when they refused to buy Liberty Bonds.

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Life in Humboldt During World War I
James Garrison, Archivist
The many responses of Humboldters to The Great War, originally presented by the author as a speech on Armistace Day 2018

On the Delicate Matter of Terminology
Suzanne Forsythe, Editor
How we use the term “concentration camp”

A.W. Erickson: Family Stories
Karen Krestensen
The Arcata home and family life of Humboldt County’s most prolific early photographer, shared by his great-granddaughter

The Eureka NAACP: Yesterday and Today
Suzanne Forsythe
A steady presence, championing civil rights on the North Coast since 1952, the organization has experienced an unprecedented growth in membership since 2016

Hartsook Highlights and Heartbreaks 
Jerry Rohde
In the 1920s, as the automobile was freeing city-dwellers, the new Redwood Highway was beckoning them to enchanted North Coast forests — Fred Hartsook answered the call, and fell under the spell

World War I Memories
Thomas H. Monroe Senior, Introduction by Catherine Mace
A career soldier recalls his service as a major in the “sightseeing sixth”

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