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September 13, 1896

A train crumbled on the bed of the Mad River. The bridge hanging in pieces like a destroyed erector set. As you study these photographs taken on or shortly after September 13, 1896, it is clear why almost all of the thirty-three passengers on the train were injured or worse. The train traveling from Arcata to Korbel came to this bridge and the weight of the train on the poorly maintained tracks gave way, plummeting the train, like an un-tethered elevator with its passengers, to the river bed forty feet below.

Left: A. & M.R.R.R. trestle over Mad River after train wreck. Man climbing over railroad track with a view of the collapsed bridge section. Humboldt Room Photograph Collections, Palmquist Collection

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Minnie Greenwald and the Tragedy of the Annie and Mary
Nan Abrams
An account of the 1896 Mad River Bridge collapse and train wreck.

My Work on the Railroad: 1886 - 1896
Charles Blodgett Hopkins
"I've been working on the railroad" as told by Charles Bodgett Hopkins who worked on the ill-fated Annie and Mary in the late 1800s.

The Rutledge Brothers in World War I, Part II
Gene Rutledge, with an introduction by Barbara Canepa Saul
Three of the four Rutledge brothers were drafted during World War I. Gene Rutledge kept a diary of his experiences and Part II picks up in France just before Armistice Day 1918.

Early Schooling in Arcata
Charles Blodgett Hopkins
Charles Blodgett Hopkins turns his focus to his early education in Arcata before working on the railroad.

Young’s Cabaret
Welton Worthington
Step into an Arcata speakeasy as seen through the eyes of a teenage saxophone musician.

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