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The Humboldt County Historical Society aims to evoke a sense of place within the local community by connecting Humboldt County residents to the historical context of our shared home. To this end we work to organize events that showcase unique materials from our collections in local public spaces. We hope that public interaction with these materials at local exhibits and events will generate interest and investment in preserving Humboldt County's cultural heritage.



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Artist in Residence at Eureka's Old Town Coffee & Chocolates

The Humboldt County Historical Society (HCHS) is Eureka's Old Town Coffee and Chocolates Artist in Residence throughout the month of August. Drop by for a sampling of Eurekan history through a carefully curated selection of photographs from the HCHS Photo Collection. These images feature monuments of Eurekan architecture as well as industries long absent from our waterfront. Immerse yourself in the local past while sipping an espresso or indulging in a waffle. 

Some of the framed photographs on display are for sale as marked. Prints of any photograph in our collection may be purchased for $12.50. All profits support the digitization of our photograph, cellulose film, and map collections.