Programs listed below - with the exception of the 2010-2011 Season - are available for viewing on DVD at the Humboldt County Historical Society. They are not available for reproduction.

2010-2011 Season Programs

Sept 11 -- Jerry Rohde -- Eureka, Then and Now
Oct 2 -- Jerry Colivas -- The Story of Rohnerville
Nov 6 -- Ray Hillman -- Humboldt's Diary Land
Dec 4 -- Marvin Shepherd -- A Sea Captain's Odyssey, A Biography of Captain H. H. Buhne, 1822-1894
Jan 8 -- Jerry Rohde -- Keeping Posted on Humboldt History

2009-10 Season Programs

Grandpa's Museum, a book talk -- Fannie B Erickson
History of the Humboldt County Fair -- Stuart Titus
Hupa People in Contemporary America: Holding the Past and Facing the Future -- Mary Campbell and Kristen Freeman
History of the Humboldt County Granges -- Jack Surmani and Susie Van Kirk
Annual Luncheon -- Renaissance of North Coast Tribes -- Chris Peters, Seventh Generation Fund
Flood of '64 -- Captain Jeremiah Scott, Fred Nelson, Jim Hill, Arlene Hartin
Falk -- Julie Roberts
Stephen Shaw -- Ann Roberts
Dutch Oven Cookery -- Richard Wild
Humboldt Soda Works -- Catherine Mace

2008-9 Season Programs

Eureka Was My University -- Mel Lavine
Historical Arcata -- Joseph Wilhelm and Kevin Hoover
Historic Atlas of Humbodt Bay and Eel River Delta -- Aldaron Laird
The Humboldt Bay Area, 1946-1955 -- Jerry Rohde
Doors of Eureka -- Janie Walsh & Gretchen Howard
Annual Luncheon -- Places and Place Names of Humboldt County -- Jerry Rhode " Dennis Turner
Flood of '64 -- Captain Jeremiah Scott, Fred Nelson, Jim Hill, Arlene Hartin
Shipwreck off Shelter Cove -- Ray Hillman
Bringing Water to Humboldt Bay Communities -- Jerry Colivas
History of the Farm Bureau -- Donna Moxon, Gene Senestraro

2007-8 Season Programs

Grant in Humboldt County -- Catherine Mace
Wagons Ho! to Mendocino -- Jerry Rohde
Fifty Years in Early Ferndale -- Ann Roberts
Falk: The Beginning and End of the Elk River Company Town -- Julie Clark, BLM Headwaters Park Ranger
Axel Lindgren - Annual Luncheon Presentation
Erik Hollenbeck - Tools and Trades of the Past
Dione Armand - History of Sequoia Park
Rosemary Hunter - The Art of Indian Basketry
Jack Irvine - The Humboldt County Hospital

2006-7 Season Programs

McKinleyville Then and Now -- Jerry Rohde
Changes in Henderson Center -- Mary Lou Lorenson
Preserving Humboldt County History -- Ray Hillman
History of Development of Humboldt Bay -- Don Tuttle
A Brief Overview of Humboldt County History -- Ray Raphael
The McKay Company -- Roger Rodoni
Peter B Kyne's Valley of the Giants -- Arlene Hartin
Early Day Pack Trains, a lecture in three parts -- Jerry Rohde
Driven Out -- Jean Pfaelzer

2005-6 Season Programs

Talkin' Baseball -- Jack Nash
Architectural Changes on Eureka's Waterfront -- Ray Hillman
The History of Henderson Center -- Mary Lou Lorensen
HCHS Annual Luncheon and Program, Reb 12, 2006, Speaker: Lowell S Mengel II