Banner Photo: Carson Camp on Lindsey Creek, Easter 1902.

The Historical Society houses approximately 65,000 photos. The bulk of these are organized by subject matter as described by the following categories.

Harvest and herd

Group and individual portraits of Native peoples, places and activities.

Individual, class and staff pictures, classroom interiors and various activities such as clubs, sports, excursions and reunions.

This wide ranging category covers parades, rallies, fairs, exhibitions, public celebrations, dances, picnics, excursions, expulsions, fires, floods and earthquakes.

Group Photographs
Groups can be family or friends in formal, casual or domestic scenes. Or they can include public servants, co-workers, military personnel, members of fraternal, social, service and church groups along with performers of music, dance and drama. People in these photos may or may not be identified.

Photographs of Individuals
Formal and casual portraits of people, both identified and un-identified but presumed local.

Activities at logging sites, camp and mill structures (both exterior and interior scenes), portraits of workers and family life

Waterfront scenes, jetties, lighthouses, commercial fishing and whaling along with different vessels such as cargo, passenger and military ships as well as tugs, tankers and dredges. Also shipbuilding activities, launches, repairs, wrecks and salvage operations.

Mining, Drilling and Water Transport (including dams)

Communities and Sites
Parks, historical and whimsical sites

Various sports, camping, swimming, boating, horseback riding, and races whether by foot, auto, horse or motorcycle, including the kinetic sculpture race

Hunting, Trapping and Sport Fishing

Tourist attractions, ocean, lagoon and bay views, rivers, creeks, mountains, prairies, ranchlands and forests

This category includes street scenes as well as individual buildings and residences (exteriors and some interiors), barns, cabins, public lodging, schools, churches, hospitals, cemeteries, public halls, museums and government buildings. Also includes photos showing demolition and moving.

Logging vehicles (horse, oxen, railroads, trucks and tractors), commercial vehicles (pack trains, delivery wagons and trucks), private vehicles, public vehicles (ferries, horse and motor stages, streetcars, buses, railroads, airplanes) police, fire and emergency vehicles, experimental vehicles and wrecks, airfields, bridges, road beds, railroad lines and depots. Also includes photos showing construction, demolition and repair.

Out of the Area and Miscellaneous
Photos of paintings, illustrations and maps Photos of neighboring counties and San Francisco

Lloyd Stine Collection
Besides the above categories there are two individual photo collections of note. One is the Lloyd Stine Collection consisting of over 1000 images of Eureka streets and buildings, and over 300 images of Humboldt County structures and places. These photos were taken in the 1930s-1950s by Lloyd Stine. Each image is carefully dated with its exact location given.

Phegley Collection
The 3200 photos in the Phegley Collection show a variety of Humboldt people and places. The Phegleys gathered historic photos from different sources and each is identified, many notated with an historical tidbit.

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May Burton

Lunchtime at Freshwater School

Belcher Abstract & Title Co. field excursion.
Joseph Tracy on right.