E-mail research requests:

Send an e-mail to research@humboldthistory.org with a description of the information you need, plus your telephone number.

A research assistant will give you the accession number of the image over the telephone. Once you have that number, please download the Photo Request Form . Print the form and fill in the needed information and mail to us with a check.

Please contact HCHS, prior to submitting the form.

Non-Member Services

Research for telephone, e-mail and written requests (per hour): $20.00.

There is a suggested donation of $5.00 per day for on-site use of the research facility.

Member Services

Research for telephone, e-mail and written requests (per hour): $10.00

Services for Members and Non-Members alike:

Reproduction of Wills
scanned image or photocopy: $5.00
8 ½" x 11" and 8 ½" x 14": 25 cents/page
11" x 17": 50 cents/page
Color copies: $3.00 each

Children at Luffenholtz Beach, from the Lois Smith Collection, HCHS archives.

Request for Copies of Photographs

We can scan most images to a disc. The price includes a use fee and a $3.00 per DVD scanning fee.

The use fee is determined as follows:

Private use of a HCHS photo, no publication: $5 per photo
Publication of a HCHS photo for scholarly, non-profit use: $20 per photo
Commerical use of a HCHS photo (for publication, advertising, or display): $25 minimum per photo

Conditions of Sale of a reprint from the HCHS Photo Collection
  1. Permission is granted for one-time use of prints only.
  2. Prints may not be made for resale.
  3. If an image is published in a newspaper, journal, brochure, book or the like, a creditline similar to the following must be included near the published photo:

    "Humboldt County Historical Society Collection"

    • When known, credit should also be given the photographer of the image.
    • This is an agreement between the Humboldt County Historical Society (HCHS) and the second party, granting the second party permission for limited use of the particular photographs selected. This permission does not extend to other parties. All copyright interests or rights to reproduce or further use the images covered by this agreement are retained by the HCHS.
    • We request that patrons who use HCHS photographs in a published form donate a copy of the publication to the Society's Research Center